It is simpler than it seems. You only need to make 9 steps.

Step 1. Contact our sales manager (by a phone, SMS or e-mail).

Step 2. Tell about your wishes and agree upon the ad format.

Step 3. Create an ad video yourself or involve our designer.

Step 4. Agree upon the ad video or moving message text till 18:00 on Thursday..

Step 5. Make a 100% prepay of the ad placement till 18:00 on Thursday.

Step 6. Wait till the ad is placed on Saturday.

Step 7. Wait for our report on Monday (or maybe even on Sunday, so, please, check your e-mail during the weekend).

Step 8. Record every potential client who addresses you (comes or calls) due to our advertising.

Step 9. Call us not waiting for the ad placement end and ask for its prolongation, as the ad turned out to be effective.