About us

Welcome to the site of the advertising agency LTD CITY TVM.

Since its foundation in April 2011 our company has been dealing with ad videos creation and their broadcasting on displays in fixed route taxi-buses of Zaporizhzhya City and other cities of Ukraine. During this time we have managed not only to become a well-known brand in Zaporizhzhya, but also the monopolist in this segment of the advertising market. Advertising on displays in fixed route taxi-buses, which combines television advertising and inner taxi-bus advertising, allows influencing people, who are not likely to leave the taxi-bus before their stop, by effective television methods. We are interested in long-term cooperation due to which we get constant money flow from advertisers and the latter are satisfied with the increasing number of clients and sales volume.

Our Advantages

– Full coverage of the city
– Competitors absence
– Television advertising in other cities
– Displays work independently
– Every client’s feedback is important

Our Staff

– Director Ivan Daniuk
– Designer Alina Vidisheva
– Web-designer Andrii Pelykh
– Advertising manager Viktoriia Dovhan

Limited liability company LTD CITY TVM was founded on 8 April 2011.

The first director was the founder of the company Zhanetta Zhukova.

Whereas Zhanetta Zhukova had previously been the head of the ad agency PROGRESSDESIGN, at the beginning “MISTO TBM” continued dealing with printing and external advertising besides its main profile (video advertising in fixed route taxi-buses).

On 3 September 2012, Olha Kochehurova became company’s director.

The new director focused all company efforts only on the segment of advertising on displays in fixed route taxi-buses.

Due to the chosen strategy, “MISTO TBM” has become the monopolist in this segment of advertising in Zaporizhzhya City.

On September 7th 2016, Ivan Daniuk became the new director.

LTD CITY TVM is a member of Zaporizhzhya Chamber of Commercе and Industry and The Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

Exclusive representative of advertising on displays in fixed route taxi-buses of Zaporizhzhya City since April 2011.
Television advertising on displays in fixed route taxi-buses in other cities of Ukraine.

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